Hip Arthritis Surgery Alternatives

Speaking about hip surgery alternatives, there are many  non surgical hip treatment procedures that can help bring relief to debilitating pain in the knee and the hip joints. The best person to opine on such alternatives could be dr niraj vora, who will advise you on the best hip arthritis alternative treatment that could suit the typical condition of your knee. Dr. Vira is attached to the Bellevue Multispeciality Hospital in Mumbai, where patients will find the best in hip surgery care, and hip arthritis treatment. When it comes to hip arthritis alternative treatment procedures, the following can be among those, which are proven to deliver results. These are, modification of lifestyle, physical therapy and exercise, anti-inflammatory medications and Chondroitin or Glucosamine dietary supplements.

Dr. Niraj Vora opines that these hip surgery alternatives should be implemented first to see for the results, and then decide on surgical procedures if at all the patient is considered t be fit for surgical procedures.


Best Knee Replacement Surgeon in Mumbai, India

When a debilitating knee pain can affect the quality of life of a person, especially those who are senior citizens, it is important that you should consult any best orthopedic surgeon in mumbai so that the causes can be determined and proper diagnosis made. Getting proper treatment in time could help to prevent knee replacement surgery and to enhance the quality of life. Among the knee surgeons in mumbai, it can undoubtedly be said that dr niraj vora is the best knee joint specialist in Mumbai, having specialized in Hip Joint Replacement and Knee Surface Replacement.

According to Dr. Niraj Vora, determining the cause of knee pain by studying the pain symptoms can help to diagnose the problem properly, and hence it is advisable that those suffering from knee pain should immediately consult any of the knee surgeons in Mumbai like Dr. Vora.