Robotic Hip Replacement Surgery by Dr Niraj Vora

An innovative procedure that has been developed for total hip replacement (arthroplasty) is the Robotic Surgery for total hip replacement. Mako technology is used in this surgical procedure for hip replacement in patients suffering from inflammatory or on inflammatory degenerative hip joint disease. This is one of the new techniques for hip replacement.

How it works:

With the aid of Mako technology, the surgeon chalks out a pre plan for the surgical process with a 3 D model that is patient specific. The Stryker robotic arm is guided based on the patient specific plan in order to pinpoint the bone that is affected with the disease while leaving the other bones that are still healthy. The 3D virtual model is generated of the unique anatomy of the patient and a CT scan helps to create a preoperative plan with the help of the Mako software. The Mako system also helps the surgeon to adjust the pre plan of the hip replacement surgery while preparing for the implant of the hip joint. This helps the surgeon to remain within the boundary to perform the surgery within the affected area.

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Common Causes of Chronic Knee Pain by Dr Niraj Vora

A debilitating or burning long term pain in any one or both the knees is said to be a chronic knee pain, causes of which are determined by the symptoms and signs, which are experienced. Women are more susceptible to chronic knee pain than men, due to various causes, that are different for each person. The most common chronic knee pain causes, according to Dr. Niraj Vora, one of the Best Knee Replacement Consultants Mumbai, are discussed below:

1. Rheumatoid Arthritis

2. Osteoarthritis 

3. Dislocation of Knee Cap

4. Knee Bursitis 

5. Tear of the Meniscus

6. Common Tendonitis and its Treatment

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Does Smoking Cause Joint Pain | Dr Niraj Vora

Smoking is injurious to health and it causes cancer. This is the phrase which we come across frequently in our lives. ‘Smoking also causes joint pain’, is the phrase which may be added to that. Smoking remains the number one cause for various health complications. In fact, smokers are expected to live 7 to 10 years less than non-smokers. Don’t be shocked to know the fact, yes, it causes joint pains too. Recent study shows smokers are more likely to complain about pain in their back, neck, arms, and legs than non-smokers. They further say smokers and ex-smokers are equally in the risks of joint pains in lower back, neck, upper and lower limbs. The pains cause interference with daily activities and chronic disabilities. The frequent experience of tiredness, stress and headaches is the indication for a lower overall threshold for pain. Dr Niraj Vora, specialist in joint replacement says that there are many effects of smoking on joints.


Why Smoking Causes Pain?

It is clear from the experts that the smoking causes joint pain and we will know why does it causes. To understand it fully, first you need to figure out how smoking in general works on your body. Cigarettes changes the way that the brain processes sensory stimuli and identifies pain. Substance called nicotine makes a smoker feels less pain at first and produces feel-good chemicals like dopamine. Dopamine makes you to addict for cigarettes. Smoking for more than five years with no intermission shows its influence on a cellular level of all organs and body parts. It does not harm the outside body but it gets inside. Poor smokers are not aware of the pain until it gets worse. Smoking not only changes sensory stimuli but also the body’s circulatory system and prevent nutrients from flowing to the muscles and joints. This is the main reason smoking causes joint pains. Also slow down the body’s natural healing mechanisms which causes difficulty in recovering from injuries that cause pain. The most common type of pain that smokers feel is back pain. However, neck, shoulder, hip, knee, hand and elbow pain were also more common in smokers than non-smokers. Osteoarthritis patients experience more pain and loss of bone cartilage if they are already smokers. Apart from joint pains, it is the main cause for numerous health issues.

  1. It affects the blood flow and circulation.
  2. It slows down the production of new tissues.
  3. It does not allow the tissues to absorb calcium.
  4. Responsible for low levels of estrogen in the body.
  5. Slows down the healing and prophylaxis processes.
  6. Smoker needs more time for rehabilitation after surgery.

Another serious problem which is caused by smoking is knee pain. Smoking effects every tissue in human body and it increases the risk of developing a weakness of bone that causes fractures. There are several studies which says that smoking causes knee pain and it is more often in older people.

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Can High Blood Pressure Cause Joint Pain? – Dr Niraj Vora

Joint pain is the most discussed and talked upon by the doctors across the world and Indian people aren’t immune to that. Joint pain refers predominantly to any pain, aches, discomforts in the joints. Arthritis is commonly singled out as the biggest cause of joint pain in the body. High Blood pressure or hypertension is a common medical diagnosis among citizens in all walks of life. If left untreated or undiagnosed, high blood pressure can cause many health problems. Many patients are diagnosed with both joint pain and high blood pressure which hints at a link between them. The relationship between osteoarthritis and hypertension is influenced by variety of factors.

Causes of Blood pressure:

  • Smoking
  • Overweight
  • Too much salt intake
  • Old age
  • Stress
  • Lack of exercises

Link between joint pain and High blood pressure:

Osteoarthritis has been linked to obesity, as has high blood pressure. Drugs used for osteoarthritis – the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs – leads to salt and water retention by the kidney and can cause an increase in blood pressure. Individuals suffering from joint pain and pain leads to increase in blood pressure. There are plenty of reasons to pinpoint the link the two problems. With joint pain, one’s mobility is hindered and interferes with one’s daily to daily life activities. This leads to worries and increasing stress on one’s health which in turn leads to an abrupt increase in the blood pressure.  However, for individuals who have severe pain, anxiety, or hard-to-control hypertension, an elevation in blood pressure may rapidly elevate to worsening health or far more serious life threatening issues.

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Patients Information for Knee Replacement Surgery – Dr Niraj Vora

Anatomy of Knee

The knee joint is formed where the thigh bone (femur) meets the shin bone (tibia). A smooth cushion of articular cartilage covers the ends of both these bones. Healthy cartilage absorbs stress and allows the bones to glide across each other smoothly. This cartilage is kept slippery by joint fluid (synovial fluid) made by the joint lining (synovial membrane). The fluid is contained in a soft tissue enclosure around the knee called the joint capsule.

The ligaments give the knee stability, and the muscles power the knee and leg for movement.

The kneecap (patella) is the moveable bone on the front of the knee. It is situated within a tendon that connects the muscle on the front of the thigh (quadriceps) to the lower leg. The surface on the back of the patella is covered with articular cartilage also. It glides within a groove on the front of the femur.

Why joint replacement is needed?

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Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery in India

Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery in India is now carried out by eminent specialists in Orthopedics like dr niraj vora, a MS (Orthopedics) from CMC Bombay and one of the most experienced surgeons in knee and hip replacement. Having performed more than 3000 hip and knee replacement surgeries and 1000 trauma surgery and other types of  orthopaedic surgery india, Dr. Niraj Vora can be said as the  best orthopaedic surgeon in Mumbai. His pragmatic approach and broad understanding make him the best Orthopedic surgeon in Mumbai and specialist in trauma treatment.

He is a Gold Medalist in Orthopedics and is now attached to quite a few esteemed hospitals like Bellevue Multispeciality Hospital in Mumbai, where complete medical, emergency and surgical treatment is offered by medical personnel and supporting staff. This hospital is well known for the range of surgical treatments being provided, which include total nee replacement and hip and knee joint replacement. Dr Niraj Vora is available for consultation with prior appointment. To know more about him, you can visit